The Legend of Tanjung Menangis (Cape Weeps)

Follktale from Halmahera island, Molucca
Genre : Legend

Once upon a time there were a great empire on the island of Halmahera. King had recently died. He left two sons and one daughter. They named Majesty Arif, son Binaut Majesty and Majesty Princess Nuri. Binaut king’s sons really wanted the position as king to succeed his father. The desire was conveyed to the royal governor. “I had to replace the position of my father.” Said Binaut to the duke with confidence.

In order for the duke of supporting the plan, then Binaut gave promise that the office of the regent will be retained, and he will be rewarded gold diamond. Thanks persuasions and promises that, the duke agreed to support Binaut be king. The duke immediately set the royal guards to catch Majesty the Queen, Son and Daughter Sire Sire Arif Nuri. Once captured, they were thrown in the dungeon.

“Kanda Binaut really cruel! Greedy! Do not know myself! “Vituperation daughter Nuri sire with great emotion. However, Majesty Queen requested that Nuri patience and resignation in the face of this ordeal. “The truth will seem right and wrong will seem wrong. And the one that would later receive a just punishment, “said Majesty the Queen entertains with full of motherhood, how very hurt to see his biological son atrocities.

Binaut feel excited after plunging mother and siblings to prison. He announced to the people that the royal Majesty the Queen and their children experiencing disaster at sea. At that, the king’s son Binaut ask the court to the authorities immediately sworn in as king. Since then, the King Binaut being arrogant and snobby. He is considered as the most powerful king on earth.

For the benefit of himself, he ordered all the people of the kingdom to work diligently to build a magnificent palace. In addition, various levies imposed taxes, including taxes crops, animal tax, land tax. “Unbelievable! King Binaut exploiters and oppressors of the people, “said one resident to another. They complained to the regulations issued by the King Binaut extremely detrimental to the people. However, they are afraid to protest, let alone stand up to the king, must be punished heavily.

There was a palace maid named Wisdom. He escaped from the palace and form a formidable force against the king Binaut. At the very least, they can free Majesty the Queen and her son and daughter. “We must act quickly to save them,” Wise said hopefully. This is supported by his friends.

At that time, many court officials who have defected to join the Wise. Wise had been studying how the rescue was conducted. If rescue is successful, planned conduct incursions into the court of King Binaut. Thanks to the wise leadership, in an instant they had rescued Majesty the Queen and her children were imprisoned Binaut. They were immediately taken to the woods.

“I thanked infinite,” said Majesty the Queen with a hiccup. They look emaciated because during incarceration in the basement rarely eat and drink. Wise also convey to Your Majesty the Queen will hold the attack on the palace. But Majesty the Queen does not agree, he did not want blood on their own people. Greed, cruelty, envy and jealousy to be inferior to that submitted petitions to the Lord.

King Binaut apply arbitrarily to its people. The duke who has always supported the King’s decision eventually Binaut not happy with the behavior of the King. But he did not dare to issue a stance against. If that made sure he was fired and thrown in jail. When the prison was filled with the detainees. “Who against King, punishment penjaralah place.” That arrogance King Binaut. Because he was the most powerful and high.

Namn unexpectedly, a natural disaster occurs. A very powerful volcanic eruption. Hot lava flows in all directions. Binaut King’s Palace was the subject of hot lava. Apparently most of the hot lava had devastating devastated palace buildings newly constructed from the sweat of the people. King Binaut confusion for cover. He ran helter-skelter not knowing where to go.

Surprisingly, lava as if chasing wherever the King Binaut run. “Please-please!” Cried Binaut. Hot lava that gradually Binaut foot stuck. Immediately his feet blistered and peeling skin. He tried to not stop running. Hot lava began to creep into his body. He was tortured. When he suffered torture hot lava that he remembers his mother. He begged forgiveness. “Forgive me, Mom! Excuse me, ma’am! I can not endure this suffering! I will not betray my mother, brother and sister Arif Nuri again. Please forgive me! Mom! Mom! “Shouted Binaut pain. But the cry is lost slowly and eventually he died.

Binaut’s body washed up on a beach. Immediately the place was turned into a cape. That said, the cape was often heard people crying for mercy because they suffered extreme torture. Now the place was called the Cape terdamparnya Binaut Crying.

Moral: Moral: The nature of envy, jealousy and greed will bring harm and retaliation in kind. Therefore shun those properties.

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